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The reason I sell books


Books are our friends and a gift we can open again and again. Some people most value the words in books. I think they are much more than that. Books can comfort us, dress a wall, and conjure up forgotten memories. They smell of their past, their former homes and their journey into a new owner’s life. They last forever, finding new homes over and over again. Wow! Imagine if a book could write a story about its path and past homes and owners. Well books do that for me most days. I find letters in books and ephemera, stories within a story just waiting for someone with the imagination to make the connections. I once took on a book splattered with blood and my mind got to work on murders in the library or by the fireplace. No wonder I love my job! What will an ereader say about you when you are no longer here and it's time to sort through your stuff? Wouldn’t you prefer to leave notes tucked into the leaves ready for your daughters and grand-daughters to discover? I know I would.